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Effective perimeter security anti climb spikes for almost every application from home security to commercial properties, goods storage depots, agricultural establishments, embassies, public buildings, schools and more.

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The security fence spikes attached to the upper rail of a chain link security fence, through a coil of razor wire or concertina wire strung along the upper rail. Wall Spike for Fence Topping Wall spikes for fence topping is the part of wall spikes or security welded fence used on the top of wall, fencing, gates.

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Learn more about fence spikes - available in a range of materials and designs, suitable for all applications. Adding fence spikes is a low cost and highly effective security enhancement to your property.

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Anti-climb measures for fences and walls and the opportunity to chat over the fence. If more privacy or security is desired the residents can use the trellis to

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10 x Anti-Climb Security Spike Strips made for SPARES2GO for Fences and Walls Juguhoovi Defender Bird Spikes, Repellent Spikes to Prevent Birds, Cat and Small Animals from Entering Your Home Security for Fence, Railing, Walls and Roof

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Anti-climb spikes for security is designed to work for security fences and various sites. The Allwall Spike is designed to work anywhere, as its name indicates: pre-cast and steel fences. Barbed Wire

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High Security Fence Spikes. Blade razor spike is an anti-climb metal strips designed for fences and walls. Fitted for narrow surfaces such as fencing rails or

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