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The cost of a mezzanine floor will range in price, from around £75 to £120 per square metre. When you compare it to the cost of moving premises, having a mezzanine floor fitted could be up to 80% cheaper!

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Basic headline costs per square metre may exclude necessary staircases, hand railing, delivery, installation, and are likely to assume a most economic grid and low load bearing capacity, low deflection limits.

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Your Guide to Mezzanine Floors Offi ce use: 2.5kn/m² (250kg per square meter) Light use: 4.8 Kn/m² (480kg per square meter) Medium use: 7.5 Kn/m² (750kg per square meter) aluminium cover trim does give a cost benefit and should you feel you might want to redesign your offices

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This doesn't use the menu but it still costs 20 Matter per section.) o Strut [costs 100-160 Matter] Struts are vertical metal beams which can be used as foundations for sections of your factory or to support chunks of soft terrain that aren't pinned by solid rock and would otherwise collapse (landslide). (hold Up Square) to do 5 damage

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A mezzanine floor intended for storage purposes must be designed to accommodate a minimum uniformly distributed live load capacity of 4.8kN per square metre, even if it is only storing loft insulation.

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Mezzanine floor costs are similar to building costs per square meter in that although people do used square meterage costs for provisional or budgets prices they do vary dramatically. There are many things that affect the price of a mezzanine floors with size and specification being the obvious.

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