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Which side are you on in the Deck vs Patio debate? new outdoor living space is on the second floor, or higher than a few stairs can handle.

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A patio is built directly on the ground whereas a deck is a raised structure A deck can be built on land that isn't level, making this an excellent 

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Should you build a deck or a patio? Watch Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Dream Team member and outdoor design expert Carson 

Deck Vs. Patio: Which is Better for Your Midwest Home?

Patios, on the other hand, sit at the ground level. A patio can be made from a huge variety of materials stone, slab, gravel, paving stones, brick 

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Do you know why some homes have a deck while others have a patio? Patios are usually at ground level where they can easily support the weight of the 

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In fact, many homeowners think of their deck or patio as an outdoor . of railings and floor planks as they age, whereas certain patios may 

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Decks and Patios fulfill the same purposes to provide an outdoor floor for your outdoor living space. The way they provide that floor, however, is very different 

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Desks can be built off a lower floor of a home, or a higher level. Decks are typically enclosed with some type of railing building codes take 

2018 Deck vs. Patio Guide - Costs, Differences, Concrete or Wood

Ground-Level Decks. A perspective view of a contemporary Pacific Northwest home with a deck bridging a pond that.

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Deck vs. Patio: Find Your Perfect Outdoor Dwelling Space In The UK However, a patio needs to be on level ground, which can be hard to 

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This means that tree roots, wet ground, even big slopes can be easily but with new retaining walls and multi-level systems, patios can now 

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When deciding between a wood deck or a cement patio, there are several things Deck vs. Patio. It's a Tough Call. by Natalie DeFour; May 4, 2018; Homeowners Tips Unlike patios, decks are built at a higher level, or, if near the ground, not 

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Compare decks vs patios. Compare Costs of Decks vs Patios ? There's no extensive ground or grading work to do; the posts can simply be cut to different 

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Deck vs. Patio: What's the Difference and Which One is Right for You? even ground and the cost of creating a level foundation is very high.

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Decks may be built off of the lower floor of a home, such as the living room or kitchen, or they might be added to an upper level room or even on 

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