decking patterns to reduce waste of materials

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I recently discovered a great way of installing decking on decks to reduce waste and eliminate warping butt joints. Traditionally many decks are built by installing the decking material perpendicular to the floor joists.

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How to Choose the Best Decking Pattern and Design. Weekend. Choose between modular, chevron, herringbone patterns and more to personalize your deck to your own unique preferences Estimating Decking Materials Lumber Choices HAVE QUESTIONS? Ask A Seven Trust Expert More saving.

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Start framing a deck for profit instead of wasting expensive composite decking material. Learn the optimal deck framing dimensions and reduce your construction costs. Deck Board Patterns. Lighting Ideas. Discuss. Design & Construction; Framing & Decking; Stairs; Railings; TRY FRAMING A DECK FOR PROFIT, LESS WASTE AND A BETTER LOOKING DECK.

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8 homes made from recycled materials. Prev. 5 / 17. Next. but its bricks are made of 15 tons of waste and rubble, and has a deck made of recycled soda bottles.

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By using continuous decking boards you not only reduce the chance of splitting, but you increase the appearance of the deck. My next suggestion would be to use CAMO Marksman Pro Hidden Deck Fastening System .

Try Framing A Deck For Profit - Reduce Waste - Decksgo.com

try framing a deck for profit, less waste and a better looking deck Profit From A Better Looking Deck There is much more to framing a deck than cutting and banging a bunch of joists together.

Choosing A Deck Pattern / Design - How To Build A Deck

Choosing A Deck Pattern / Design. Simple Patterns: Installing your deck material where all boards run parallel to one another is the easiest, takes the least amount of time and consumes the least amount of material. installation takes longer and there is some additional waste in deck flooring board material. Click on drawing for larger

Choosing A Deck Pattern / Design - How To Build A Deck

It should also be noted, that the more complex the deck material pattern or design the more material that will be required for both the deck structure and the deck material itself.

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Depending on the decking material you are using you may need to reduce your joist spacing to 12” on center to help support the diagonal span. Some deck builders will tell you that applying decking diagonally will increase your waste factor by 15 percent.

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